jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

The four week course will give a introduction into:

Tool sharpening
- oil stones
- water stones
- grinder

using a scraper plate
wood shaving/planing
using chisels,files, rasps

Rosette making
traditional way of making
a rosette using fine wooden veneers and

wood selection
learning to differenciate between
normal grate and first grate timber.

assembing techniques of Classical
and Flamenco guitar.

learning to make hide glue and to use
it during the making process.

Detail work like sanding

French polish
making your own polish and coating
your guitar.

Stringing und setting up of the finished


martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Photos of the 5th international guitar making course Granada July 2015

    planing of the plates for posterior assembling
    scraping the sides to thickness
    still scraping...
    Neck making
    assembing of the rosette
    was it too tight..??..at the end with teamwork we got all the veneer into place.

    routing of the inlay grooves
    holding the perfilings in place with string
    I can´t believe.... it fits!!
    scraping of the bindings and perflings

   The happy end

6th international guitar making course in Granada from 1st till 30th of October 2016